*** Home Team is Listed First ***

 Thursday, 05/18/06
   6:10pm  FRANGOS                        vs HYPERVENTILATERS
   7:00pm  OLD NAVY                       vs THE BROWNIES
   7:50pm  LUNACHIX                       vs L OR M
   8:40pm  GOLDEN GIRLS                   vs SEAGOALS
   9:30pm  ENTERTAINERS                   vs GRASS PICKERS

 Thursday, 05/25/06
   6:10pm  GRASS PICKERS                  vs GOLDEN GIRLS
   7:00pm  HYPERVENTILATERS               vs ENTERTAINERS
   7:50pm  THE BROWNIES                   vs FRANGOS
   8:40pm  L OR M                         vs OLD NAVY
   9:30pm  SEAGOALS                       vs LUNACHIX

 Thursday, 06/01/06
   6:10pm  L OR M                         vs SEAGOALS
   7:00pm  LUNACHIX                       vs GRASS PICKERS
   7:50pm  GOLDEN GIRLS                   vs HYPERVENTILATERS
   8:40pm  ENTERTAINERS                   vs THE BROWNIES

 Thursday, 06/08/06
   6:10pm  THE BROWNIES                   vs GOLDEN GIRLS
   7:00pm  GRASS PICKERS                  vs L OR M
   7:50pm  SEAGOALS                       vs OLD NAVY
   8:40pm  HYPERVENTILATERS               vs LUNACHIX
   9:30pm  FRANGOS                        vs ENTERTAINERS

 Thursday, 06/15/06
   6:10pm  OLD NAVY                       vs ENTERTAINERS
   7:00pm  GOLDEN GIRLS                   vs FRANGOS
   7:50pm  SEAGOALS                       vs GRASS PICKERS
   8:40pm  LUNACHIX                       vs THE BROWNIES
   9:30pm  L OR M                         vs HYPERVENTILATERS

 Thursday, 06/22/06
   6:10pm  FRANGOS                        vs LUNACHIX
   7:00pm  HYPERVENTILATERS               vs SEAGOALS
   7:50pm  ENTERTAINERS                   vs GOLDEN GIRLS
   8:40pm  GRASS PICKERS                  vs OLD NAVY
   9:30pm  THE BROWNIES                   vs L OR M

 Thursday, 06/29/06
   6:10pm  SEAGOALS                       vs THE BROWNIES
   7:00pm  OLD NAVY                       vs GOLDEN GIRLS
   7:50pm  LUNACHIX                       vs ENTERTAINERS
   8:40pm  L OR M                         vs FRANGOS
   9:30pm  GRASS PICKERS                  vs HYPERVENTILATERS

 Thursday, 07/06/06
   6:10pm  HYPERVENTILATERS               vs OLD NAVY
   7:00pm  ENTERTAINERS                   vs L OR M
   7:50pm  THE BROWNIES                   vs GRASS PICKERS
   8:40pm  FRANGOS                        vs SEAGOALS
   9:30pm  GOLDEN GIRLS                   vs LUNACHIX

 Thursday, 07/13/06
   7:00pm  OLD NAVY                       vs FRANGOS