League Schedule - CO-ED O-30 FRIDAY LEAGUE

                      *** Home Team is Listed First ***

 Friday, 05/19/06
   7:00pm  THE HOBBLERS                   vs BEAT DOWN
   7:50pm  SUPERSTARZ                     vs GOOF TROOP
   8:40pm  TEAM STRIKERS                  vs COCKTAILS

 Friday, 05/26/06
   7:00pm  TEAM X                         vs TEAM STRIKERS
   7:50pm  COCKTAILS                      vs THE HOBBLERS
   8:40pm  BEAT DOWN                      vs SUPERSTARZ

 Friday, 06/02/06
   7:00pm  SUPERSTARZ                     vs COCKTAILS
   7:50pm  GOOF TROOP                     vs BEAT DOWN
   8:40pm  THE HOBBLERS                   vs TEAM X

 Friday, 06/09/06
   7:00pm  COCKTAILS                      vs GOOF TROOP
   7:50pm  TEAM STRIKERS                  vs THE HOBBLERS
   8:40pm  TEAM X                         vs SUPERSTARZ

 Friday, 06/16/06
   7:00pm  GOOF TROOP                     vs TEAM X
   7:50pm  BEAT DOWN                      vs COCKTAILS
   8:40pm  SUPERSTARZ                     vs TEAM STRIKERS

 Friday, 06/23/06
   7:00pm  THE HOBBLERS                   vs SUPERSTARZ
   7:50pm  TEAM X                         vs BEAT DOWN
   8:40pm  TEAM STRIKERS                  vs GOOF TROOP

 Friday, 06/30/06
   7:00pm  BEAT DOWN                      vs TEAM STRIKERS
   7:50pm  COCKTAILS                      vs TEAM X
   8:40pm  GOOF TROOP                     vs THE HOBBLERS

 Friday, 07/07/06
   7:00pm  GOOF TROOP                     vs SUPERSTARZ
   7:50pm  COCKTAILS                      vs TEAM STRIKERS
   8:40pm  BEAT DOWN                      vs THE HOBBLERS

 Friday, 07/14/06
   7:00pm  TEAM STRIKERS                  vs TEAM X
   7:50pm  SUPERSTARZ                     vs BEAT DOWN
   8:40pm  THE HOBBLERS                   vs COCKTAILS

 Friday, 07/21/06
   7:00pm  TEAM X                         vs GOOF TROOP